“Discovery the Upsala Glacier, with all the comfort and the best gastronomy.”

Estancia Cristina

Located on the Northwest shore of the Argentine Lake on the far of Cristiana’s arm, Estancia Cristina is located in a unique corner in Los Glaciares National Park. Founded in 1914 by Joseph P. Masters and his wife, this stunning place still maintains its essence, keeping the history of this family alive, that with great effort and perseverance, made this lonely and inhospitable place a small paradise a home.

Estancia Cristina is an enchanting and warm place, that just like in the past, grants the best Patagonian hospitality. Accessible by boat only, its Lodge has 20 comfortable rooms distributed in 5 cabins, offers exquisite Patagonian gastronomy, a museum and a variety of activities to enjoy this wonderful valley.

We offer our guests and visitors to be exclusive protagonists, through its approach and integration into the natural force of Upsala Glacier and Patagonian this mystical corner. Our extensive range of activities adjusts all ages and tastes. That makes possible enjoy couples, family or group of friends their stay.

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A Lodge With History

A lodge with history

In 1914 an English adventurer named Joseph Percival Masters rebuilt an old vessel and along with his wife Jessie reached the most beautiful and secluded place in Lake Argentino: Estancia Cristina. Some 22,000 hectares surrounded by glaciers, snowy peaks and lagoons of a great natural beauty would be their home. Today, together with the National Parks Administration, we try to keep alive the persevering spirit of such experience which has stamped its indelible seal in Lake Argentino.

Upsala Glacier

Upsala Glacier

The Upsala glacier with a front wall of more than 60 meters over the lake level and a surface of 900 km2 and 60 km long, is without doubt one of the most magnificent glaciers inside the National Park. It is located at the margin of the majestic Lake Argentino, the largest lake in Argentina and the third of South America. The arms Upsala, Norte, Rico and Sur stand out. These last ones are connected with the main lake through the Canal de los Témpanos, just in front of the Perito Moreno glacier. The special color of its waters is due to the silt originated from glacial erosion.



The Estancia has 20 rooms distributed in 5 cabins – each one with 4 rooms, same category- with stunning views of Mt Norte, Pfifter and Moyano and its hanging glaciers. Cabins are located 50 meters (maximum) far from the main building (‘Octógono’), where breakfast, Lunch and Dinner services are exclusively offered to our guests.

Our aim is to offer a pure connection of our guests with the experience “Estancia Cristina” by being part of it.

Suggested Activities